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All D2L for-credit courses with student enrollment dating back to the academic year 2018-19 are stored in an archive maintained by The Office of Academic Innovation and the Office of Information Technology.  This archive includes course materials and student data, and will be held for three years from the start of Winter term 2022, when we switched to Canvas.

Purpose of the D2L Archive

Information on student course participation dates and grades must be available for three years to accommodate requests related to incompletes, financial aid applications, transfer credit requests, etc. This data may include: last date of attendance, grades, assignment submissions, and quiz scores if the quiz was associated with a grade item. Discussion participation is difficult to export and should be requested only for specific dates/topics. Comments left with grades will be available if they were left in the Grades feedback area.

Note: students must contact the course instructor or program chair to request these materials.

Instructors may request materials for promotion and tenure needs, provided the request is for specific course materials by title. Broadly scoped requests for “all student submissions,” etc. are not feasible.

Instructors may request to have archived courses transferred to a Canvas shell. These will not include student materials, and the course may not reflect the original design but will include most original course files and materials (some D2L quiz questions libraries and most LTI integrated materials will not be available).

How to request available materials

Faculty or program chairs can request archived materials by contacting OAI Faculty Support with the details below:

  1. Your full name and Odin username.
  2. The course subject code (your department/program acronym as found here):
  3. The course level number.
  4. If the course was cross-listed in D2L (either by subject or level, as with some 400/500 courses) please list both department codes and/or course level numbers. Please specify that you need the crosslisted version of the course.
  5. The course section number/code. This is important to include, so please check Banweb or your syllabus from that term to make sure you request the right section.
  6. For student data, the student’s name and Odin username, and a detailed description of the data needed.

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