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Media maybe added to a Canvas in several ways, depending on the source and how you want it displayed. When sharing media from Kaltura MediaSpace you must publish that file to unlisted rather than private.

Important: options 1 & 2 below are for uploading or recording media directly in Canvas. This should be done only for short video or audio files, such as feedback or a brief announcement. Any media longer than a minute or two should be hosted in MediaSpace. Even if a large media file uploads to Canvas successfully, students will likely have problems with playback.

For longer media files, first upload them to your MediaSpace account and then use options 3, 4, 5, or the Kaltura LTI option.

  1. Upload a media file to play in a Canvas page.
  2. Record a media file to play in a Canvas page.
  3. Link to an external media source in the Rich Content Editor (note that the YouTube “App” option is not available).
  4. Link to an external media source from a Module.
    Note: for MediaSpace files and most other media hosts, select the “Load in a new tab” checkbox.
    Canvas add external URL to modules UI, Load in new tab checkbox.
  5. Embed external media by inserting embed code into the Rich Content Editor. (This works for MediaSpace videos with the same results as the next option).

Embed a MediaSpace video or audio with the Kaltura LTI menu option

  1. In your course, navigate to the Rich Content Editor (editable text box) or page or tool (quiz, assignment, etc) where you want to embed audio or video (make sure the file is published to unlisted).
  2. In the top toolbar of the Rich Content Editor, select the Apps icon (an electrical plug) and select Embed Kaltura Media.
    Kaltura LTI icon and menu.
  3. Search for the media file you want, position your cursor in the Rich Content Editor where you want the media, and select the blue </>Embed button.
  4. Save and publish your page, quiz, assignment, or discussion.

Note: the Kaltura Media Gallery option is not recommended for use in Canvas. Kaltura Video Quizzes may be used, but because browser settings can prevent some students from being assessed, it’s not recommended as a graded activity.

This article was last updated on Jun 5, 2024 @ 2:01 pm.