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For instructions on using the Syllabus tool in Canvas, see How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor? The instructions below show the “Homepage 2 (minimal information with tool links)” available on Canvas Commons.

Upload your syllabus file to a module

  1. Select Modules in the course navigation.
    Modules in course navigation
  2. Select the + Module button.
    Add Module button
  3. Name the module and select the Add Module button.
    Add Module button.
  4. New modules are added to the bottom of your module list. You can drag it up using the 6-dot grid in the upper left corner.
    In a new module, you can upload files quickly by selecting the Drop files here… area. This opens your computer file directory.
  5. To add to an existing module, select the + icon to the right of the module heading.
    Add to module icon
  6. In the Add item menu, select the menu first labeled Assignments to view the full menu. Select File.
    Select files and syllabus.
  7. Your computer’s file directory will open. Select the syllabus file.
  8. Select the Add Item button to insert the syllabus file in this module.
  9. In your modules list, publish both the module and the file by selecting each empty circle to make them green check-marks.
    Published module and file.

Link your uploaded syllabus file to your home page

  1. On your home page, select the Edit button in the upper right corner.
    Home page Edit button.
  2. Scroll down in the edit window or drag it from the lower-right corner to resize.
    Editor scroll bar and resize handle.
  3. Position your cursor at the beginning or end of “Syllabus,” click and drag to highlight the word.
    Link text highlighted.
  4. In the top menubar of the editor, find the Link icon and select the “down” carat on the right. Then select Course Links.
    Link menu and Course Links item.
  5. In the Add menu, select the top menu labeled Links to open it.
  6. Select Files.
    Links menu open and Files selected.
  7. In the Files area, select the Course Files directory and find your syllabus file. Click the syllabus file once. (Double-clicking will add two links.)
    Course files and syllabus file selected.
  8. The “Syllabus” text on this page will now link directly to that file. (Alternatively, you could link to the module containing the syllabus.) Select the Home page Save button.
    Hyperlink created, Save button highlighted.
    Quicklinks on Home page.
  9. To add more quick links, repeat these steps.
    Note: for the Weekly Modules quick link, select the top module to display the full list.
    Note: to link directly to your Zoom meeting, first go to the Zoom area, select the meeting and copy the meeting URL to your clipboard. Then repeat the steps above but select External links instead of Course links. Enter the Zoom meeting URL and Save.

This article was last updated on Jun 5, 2024 @ 2:00 pm.