When attempting to record media using the Rich Content Editor, you may encounter problems with your browser or operating system. To troubleshoot, try the following steps.

Check your browser

  1. Use either Firefox or Chrome (Safari doesn’t work with the Canvas media recorder). Make sure the browser is up to date by checking here: Chrome updates; Firefox updates.
  2. Clear your browser cache. OAI recommends doing this each term, or more often. This may clear saved passwords, so back them up elsewhere. Clear your cache in Chrome; clear your cache in Firefox.
  3. Check your browser permissions. On first use of the recorder, a pop up message appears requesting access to your camera and microphone. It's easy to dismiss this alert instead of allowing access. To correct that, follow these steps: Chrome permissions for camera and microphone; Firefox permissions for camera and microphone.

Check your operating system

Make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date.

For PSU managed computers

For non-PSU managed computers

Browser permissions popup in Chrome.
Browser permissions popup, Firefox.

If you’ve gone through all the steps above and are still having issues getting the Canvas media recorder to work, please submit a request to OAI Support with a brief description.

This article was last updated on Jan 27, 2023 @ 2:59 pm.