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At the beginning of term you may see two new student designations in your People course roster.

  1. Inactive. This means the student has withdrawn from the class after the start of term. You can “conclude” their enrollment (see the tutorial for this), but we strongly advise leaving inactive students in your roster if they’ve submitted any coursework. If a student uses financial aid or the GI Bill, they may need to request a record of their enrollment and activity in your course, even after they’ve dropped it.
    Canvas student Inactive role
  2. Observing: nobody. This means the student is waitlisted and has “read only” access to the course. As in the classroom, students trying to get into a waitlisted class need to keep up with course activity during the add/drop period in case they get in. When that period is over, students not admitted will no longer be in your roster with this role.
    Canvas Observing role

This article was last updated on Jun 5, 2024 @ 2:00 pm.