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There are two ways to provide ongoing access to a Canvas course for a student who needs to resolve an Incomplete or complete remaining coursework after the term ends.

Option 1: In most cases, the goal is to reopen the course for only specific students. Reopening the course only for specific students requires the creation of a new course section with associated access dates. To request extending student access in an existing Canvas course, please fill out the Incomplete Student Access form.

Option 2: Instructors can reopen a course by extending the course End Date. However, this will allow all students enrolled that term to revisit the course.

Note: You may not be able to extend the course date if you have previously changed the settings to Participation: Course and the new end date has already passed. If the course is still considered active, you should be able to update this setting. If the course end date appears grayed out, please fill out the Incomplete Student Access form for assistance.

After the section for the Incomplete is created, you may need to alter due dates for the student to complete assignments.

If the student encounters issues after their access has been extended, please direct them to OIT student support.