Zoom Classroom Checklist


See full Zoom-bombing prevention suggestions

Review Zoom Recording and Student Privacy and Conferencing, Web Recording and FERPA


Before Scheduling (Global Defaults)

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded and are using the most recent version of the Zoom client
  • ❗ Don’t share the meeting URL publicly.
  • ✅  Enable Screen sharing and limit to Host Only 
  • ✅  Enable Annotation if needed during meeting
  • 🚫  Disable Allow Participants to rename Themselves

When Scheduling (Meeting Settings)

  • 🚫  Disable Join before host
  • ✅  Enable waiting room
  • ✅  Enable Only authenticated users can join and restrict to Signed in with a Portland State account (Odin)
  • ✅  Enable Mute participants upon entry (optional, depending on class size)

During the Meeting (Crowd Control)

  • Click Participants to open the Participant Panel during the meeting. Keep it open during the entire meeting for quick access to participants and settings.
  • Click Chat to open the Chat Panel during the meeting. Keep it open during the entire meeting for quick access to chat and settings.
    • Click Chat kebab menu (…) to disable or limit participant chat.
  • 🚫  Disable Participant Annotation
  • Click More from the participant panel and select
    • 🚫  Disable Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves
    • ✅  Enable Lock Meeting once all participants have joined

Emergency! (React Quickly)

  • ❗ Use the Security panel (first available in Zoom client 4.6.10 released 4/7/2020) for quick access to
    • Lock Meeting (prevent additional participants from joining)
    • Enable Waiting Room (if not already enabled)
    • 🚫  Disable Participant Share Screen
    • 🚫  Disable Participant Chat
    • 🚫  Disable Participant Renaming
  • Share your screen to quickly replace any inappropriate content someone else might be sharing. Host sharing overrides participant sharing.
    • Hover next to name of participant to
      • Mute audio
      • Stop video
    • Click down caret next to participant name to
      • Put in waiting room (temporarily remove participant)
      • Remove (permanently remove participant from the meeting)

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