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Before Scheduling (Global Defaults)

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded and are using the most recent version of the Zoom client.
  • ❗ Don’t share the meeting URL publicly.
  • ✅  Enable Screen sharing and limit to Host Only
  • ✅  Enable Annotation if needed during meeting
  • 🚫  Disable Allow Participants to rename Themselves

When Scheduling (Meeting Settings)

  • 🚫  Disable Join before host
  • ✅  Enable waiting room
  • ✅  Enable Only authenticated users can join and restrict to Signed in with a Portland State account (Odin)
  • ✅  Enable Mute participants upon entry (optional, depending on class size)

During the Meeting (Crowd Control)

  • Click Participants to open the Participant Panel during the meeting. Keep it open during the entire meeting for quick access to participants and settings.
  • Click Chat to open the Chat Panel during the meeting. Keep it open during the entire meeting for quick access to chat and settings.
    Click Chat kebab menu (…) to disable or limit participant chat.
  • 🚫  Disable Participant Annotation
  • Click More from the participant panel and select
    🚫  Disable Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves
    ✅  Enable Lock Meeting once all participants have joined

Emergency! (React Quickly)

  • ❗ Use the Security panel (first available in Zoom client 4.6.10 released 4/7/2020) for quick access to
    Lock Meeting (prevent additional participants from joining)
    Enable Waiting Room (if not already enabled)
    🚫  Disable Participant Share Screen
    🚫  Disable Participant Chat
    🚫  Disable Participant Renaming
  • Share your screen to quickly replace any inappropriate content someone else might be sharing. Host sharing overrides participant sharing.
    Hover next to name of participant to
    Mute audio
    Stop video
  • Click down caret next to participant name to
    Put in waiting room (temporarily remove participant)
    Remove (permanently remove participant from the meeting)
    Report any Zoom-bombings to OAI. 

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