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PSU’s default Zoom setting is to require meeting participants to log in with a PSU ID, but this can be temporarily adjusted prior to a meeting when guests from outside the PSU community have been invited. Unless you have guests regularly, you’ll want to reset this afterwards to allow only PSU account holders into your meetings. Note: the alternative to PSU authentication is to sign in with a Zoom account, so check to make sure your guest has one or creates a free account before joining.

Check Your authentication options

  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal at
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Settings. This will display the Meeting and Security settings.
  3. Scroll down to the setting Only authenticated users can join meetings. Keep this on (blue) for security. You can allow users to authenticate with ANY Zoom account (such as a personal account), not just a PSU account.
    In the Meeting Authentication Options there are two options – “Signed in with a Portland State account (Odin) (Default)” and “Sign in to Zoom.” This means you can decide which is required when scheduling a meeting.
  4. Make sure both options say Edit / Hide in the selection. This means they are NOT hidden, so you can select either option when scheduling or editing a meeting. The Edit option lets you select which is the default. This should be PSU authentication unless you regularly have outside guests.
    Zoom authentication options

Allow a non-PSU guest to authenticate with Zoom

Note: when you have a sequence of recurring meetings, it’s necessary to adjust the authentication setting for ALL sessions. You’ll want to change the settings back after your guest session.

  1. After completing the steps above, select the Meetings tab on the left or go to your course and select Zoom Meetings to schedule from there.
  2. To edit a recurring meeting, select Edit All Occurrences.
  3. For a new meeting, select Schedule a Meeting from the top navigation bar. In Canvas, select Schedule a New Meeting.
  4. Find the Only authenticated user can join meetings settings. Below that is a menu allowing you to select Signed in with a Portland State account (Odin) or Sign into Zoom. Select Sign into Zoom.
    D2L meeting authentication options menu with Sign into Zoom selected
  5. Complete your meeting setup and Save.

Note: 1) these settings changes can’t be made while a meeting is open. First close the meeting, change the settings, and then re-launch the meeting.
2) After you change this setting for a Personal Meeting Room meeting, your selection will be maintained for later meetings there unless you change it.