Contributors:Misty Hamideh

As you near the end of the term, it is a good idea to make sure the Canvas grades accurately reflect your students’ work and that all assignment grades have been posted for your students to review. Follow these steps to make sure everything is in order before you submit your final grades to Banner.

Ensure grades are calculated correctly.

Check your syllabus and confirm that your grading breakdown matches your Canvas gradebook. A good way to check is by entering the maximum point value for each grade column in the bottom row for your Test Student. If you intended to weight grades, but instead have a point-based total, you can still adjust that to weight grades by assignment group.

Enter zeroes for any missing work.

By default, the Canvas gradebook totals only entered scores. Missing assignments are not automatically calculated as zero. Instead, they display a dash and are left out of the calculated total, giving students an inflated total percentage. They can uncheck the “calculate based only on graded assignments” box on their grades page, but we recommend not assuming they’ll do so. Instead, enter zeros for all unsubmitted assignments or create a “missing submission policy” and set it to zero.

Record all extra credit.

Make sure the extra credit you want to give students is factored in correctly. You can add extra credit by creating an assignment set to zero points. This video shows how to set up an extra credit column for both a points-based and a weighted gradebook.

Adjust visibility of grades.

If you meant to keep grades hidden until manually posted but find that some students can see their grades, it may be because you’d entered those grades before switching from Automatically Post Grades to Manually Post Grades. The visibility icon in the grade column header will show that they’re hidden, but that only applies to grades entered after switching to manual posting - the policy is not retroactive. In that situation you can select Hide Grades, which will affect the previously-posted grades.

Export gradebook, if necessary.

Lastly, if you don’t want to enter grades in Canvas, you can export your Canvas gradebook to Excel and enter data there. Then use the Import a CSV File option to upload your grade changes to Canvas.