Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JDEI) Teaching Toolkit

Resource type: Self-paced Canvas course
Intended for: New faculty, emerging practitioners, seasoned educators

The Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (JDEI) Teaching Toolkit is a flexible resource to enhance your teaching practices. The toolkit is designed to be navigated freely, allowing you to jump between modules and topics based on your current needs and interests. While this toolkit can be quickly scanned in approximately 30 minutes, as with racial justice work, it is ongoing and not time-bound. It invites lifelong learning. Some of these resources are not quick fixes but rather parts of a greater whole to pause, process, and reflect. It invites conversation within yourself and a trusted community.

What's in the JDEI Teaching Toolkit?

This module explores how culturally-responsive curriculum utilizes the heritages, experiences, and perspectives of ethnic and racial groups to more effectively reach/teach students who are members of those groups.

In this module, you will explore three sub-topics:

  • Representation
  • Caring and Loving Pedagogy
  • Universal Design for Learning

This module explores how to build an equitized syllabus that considers how to reduce barriers to equity for minoritized and poverty-affected students.

In this module, you will explore three sub-topics:

  • The Inclusive Syllabus
  • The Invigorating Syllabus
  • The Intuitive Syllabus

This module explores the active involvement of students in their learning process, faculty, the content, and each other.

In this module, you will explore two sub-topics:

  • Proactive Communication
  • Addressing Student Trauma

This module explores how effective assessment practices not only measure student progress but also inform instructional decisions, support student success, and contribute to the overall quality of the course.

In this module, you will explore three sub-topics:

  • Equity-Centered Assessment Design
  • Student-Centered Assessment Design
  • Alternative Grading Practices

This module focuses on the input, perspectives, and opinions of students in the learning process, allowing them to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

In this module, you will explore three sub-topics:

  • Student Voice
  • Student Experience
  • Student Feedback

Tools You'll Use

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JDEI) Teaching Toolkit is built within PSU’s learning management system, Canvas by Instructure. You can learn more about how to use Canvas with our Canvas Tutorials.

About the Toolkit Creators

The JDEI Teaching Toolkit Project Team created this resource, guided by the OAI inclusion charter (part of the Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion’s Time to Act Plan), with significant input from both Portland State University faculty and students.