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Note: This tutorial assumes your colleague has already shared a resource with you. See Share PebblePad Workbooks and Templates with Your Faculty Colleagues to learn how to share resources for your faculty colleagues to use.

  1. Log into PebblePad from
  2. Click on the burger menu (three stacked lines like a hamburger) in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Click Resource Store from the menu that appears from the left.
  4. Find the resource that you want to share in the list, and click the i icon in the right-most column.
    information icon
  5. Click I want to…
  6. Select Copy
    I want to ... Copy
  7. Optionally rename the copy through the dialogue box and select Take a copy.
    Copying linked items...this workbook contains links to other items. Copying this workbook will create a copy of all liked items into your asset store. Checked box for option I want to copy all of the linked items. Do you want to rename the workbook? New Name Take a copy button and cancel button.
  8. You now have a copy of the Resource which you can deploy in your course.