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  1. Log into PebblePad from 
  2. Click on the burger menu (three lines stacked like a hamburger) in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Click Resource Store from the menu that appears from the left.
  4. Find the resource that you want to share in the list, and click the i icon in the right-most column.
    information icon
  5. Click I want to…
  6. Select Share
    I want to...Share
  7. Click I would like to share this…With people
    I would like to share this...with people for their advice or collaboration on a workbook.
  8. Find the person/people with whom you want to share your resource.
  9. Select the option to Allow recipients to take a copy.
    What can your recipients do with this? Option to Allow recipients to take a copy is selected.
  10. Your selected recipients will now need to make a copy of the resource to use it with their classes.

See Use a PebblePad Workbook a Faculty Colleague Has Shared to learn how to use a resource a faculty member has shared.