As course exams cannot be held in person right now, there are a number of alternatives to consider. Several of these strategies can also help to promote academic integrity in the absence of proctored exams.  Consider also reminding students of their responsibilities for academic integrity

Remote Exams

  • Move an in-class exam to a remote exam in a variety of ways.
    • Use D2L to distribute and collect exams via D2L Assignments. Optionally, use date restrictions to set time limits. Consider whether the exam should be an open book exam or not. If you are able to assess students’ learning outcomes with an open book exam, we highly recommend you consider doing so in this situation.
    • Use PSU gmail to distribute and collect exams. Consider whether the exam should be an open book exam or not. Again, we recommend you consider this format.
    • Use D2L to create and administer an exam. D2L exams (called “quizzes” in D2L) provide functionality for enhancing academic integrity through features like randomized questions and exam time limits. If you are new to using D2L quizzes, please contact the faculty support desk prior to administering the quiz to your students.

Final Papers and Presentations

  • Collect papers or other final projects via the D2L Assignment tool or via email.
  • Provide opportunities for digital presentations:
    • Ask students to submit recorded presentations. Students can use Kaltura Capture to record and MediaSpace to share the links to their recordings. You can create an assignment in D2L to collect links to their recordings or ask them to email you.
    • Create a Zoom session for students to give their presentations virtually. Schedule the Zoom session for the same time as class would usually meet.

Alternative Assessment Options

  • Consider self-assessment of course performance/progress with justification that aligns with stated course learning outcomes.
  • Consider using another method to assess students’ achievement of stated course learning outcomes, such as:
    • Personal reflection on learning
    • Infographic
    • Summary video
    • Advertisement
    • Brochure
    • Research proposal
    • Annotated bibliography or article review
    • Analysis of data
  • Consider granting credit and assigning the final grade based on all course performance.