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In-Recording Advanced Controls

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Start Recording Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) + Shift + R
    • Stop Recording Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) + Shift + S
    • Cancel Recording Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) + Shift + C
    • Go to Management Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) + Shift + M
  • Click the pause icon to pause a recording in process. Click it again to restart recording.
    Pause button in Kaltura Capture recording panel
  • Click the pencil icon to use the screen annotation tools.
    Annotation tools in Kaltura Capture recording panel

Enable Multi-Stream Recording

Advanced users may need to record more than one screen or video steam at time. This tutorial will walk through how to enable multi-screen recording, but you will follow similar steps to enable other multi-video recording.

NOTE: Kaltura Capture enables a maximum of 2 video sources, so you may record screen and camera, 2 screens, or 2 cameras.

  1. Login to MediaSpace and launch Kaltura Capture.
  2. Click the word Screen and select your first screen input from the available options.
    Select screen recording stream.
  3. Click the word Camera and select your second screen input from available options.
  4. NOTE: “Camera” will change to “Screen” once you select a screen input.
  5. Proceed to record as usual.

This article was last updated on Mar 8, 2024 @ 3:13 pm.