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By default, media uploaded to MediaSpace is not available for download. However, the media owner can enable downloading. Once enabled, anyone who can view the media file can also download it. If you don’t want that, after downloading the file you can repeat steps 1-4 below to disable downloading again.

Begin by logging into Then select your name in the upper right corner and select My Media from the menu. Find the media file you wish to download from your list. Select the small pencil icon to the far right of that file. This opens its Edit Media Page, where you enable downloading.

Media Space Download Tab settings: Source checkbox, Save button and Go To Media link.

Media Space Download tab showing Dowload icon in the Actions column.

  1. Select the Downloads tab.
  2. Select the Source checkbox to enable downloading for this file.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Select Go to Media. This opens the Media Entry page, where you download the file.
  5. Select the Downloads tab.
  6. Select the download icon.

This article was last updated on Mar 8, 2024 @ 2:54 pm.