Start with Care

Please be flexible, understanding, and compassionate with students who are worried about the virus. Be aware that you and your students will have a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Express your concern for their wellbeing, and if appropriate, suggest they call or visit Student Health and Counseling (SHAC).   Faculty can also contact SHAC directly about a student for whom they may have a concern. SHAC’s Nurse Line: 503-725-2515. SHAC’s 24/7 Nurse Advice Line (after hours): 844-224-3145.

Share the Facts and Stay Informed

PSU will continue to keep the campus community informed as developments change via email messages and updates to  the Coronavirus Response Webpage. Provide your students with links to the following health organizations:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

See also:

5 Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus

Be mindful of Stigma

Be aware of any bias or stigma that may be experienced by students.  You can anonymously survey your students using D2L or Google Forms to ask about their experiences in your course and with peers, as well as their comprehension of content. As President Percy recently reminded us, “It’s more important than ever that PSU comes together as a united campus community and stand against discriminatory behavior. National origin has no bearing on how likely someone is to contract the coronavirus. If you witness or experience a bias incident or discrimination, contact Global Diversity and Inclusion.”

CDC on Stigma and Resilience 

Discrimination: What it is and how to cope

Example Start of Term Faculty Email to Students

This is a possible D2L announcement to students from an instructor at start of term (modified from a contribution by Mike Caulfield, Washington State University):

[Describe situation, and link to the school’s announcement, maybe why this is important. See: PSU Response to the Coronavirus for latest updates ]

[Talk a bit about your course]

I want to stress that this is an emergency transition to remote teaching, and there are likely to be some glitches as we go forward. We’re all in the same boat here.

There may be changes to the syllabus, and some things we’ll have to figure out as we go. When possible, I will make these changes with your input.

I am also fully aware that some of you may not have the ideal space or internet connection at home to participate in a remote class to the extent you might wish. You may have other constraints or issues with accessing or using digital materials. I am committed to working with you all to make sure the remote version of this course meets your needs as best as possible in these admittedly difficult circumstances.

More information will follow, but for the moment the most important thing to know is that I will be communicating course updates and requirements through D2L announcements [list any other means]. If at all possible, plan to check this space over break to learn how we are moving forward. And if you have any personal concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly [].

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