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Content analytics give you information about which D2L items have been clicked and by which students. This information can help you better understand what content is being accessed by students and give you some indication of which students are more or less engaged in the course. Reviewing content analytics early in the term may help you identify students who need additional support.

NOTE: D2L counts clicks, so if a student downloads a file uploaded to the content area, D2L will not register views of the downloaded file.

  1. From your D2L course homepage click Content from the Course Navigational Menu.
  2. Click Table of Contents from the left side content menu.
  3. Click Related Tools, and then View Reports.
  4. Scroll through the Content tab to see information about the number of visits and time spent on each content item.
  5. Click the Users tab to see information about the number of content items particular students have clicked.
  6. Within the reporting pages, click any blue, hyperlinked text to see more information.

This article was last updated on Aug 9, 2021 @ 9:08 am.