Media Space Permissions Overview

Media Permission Levels

  • Private: Private media is viewable in your account only. No other account can see a private video.
  • Unlisted: An unlisted video is viewable by anyone with the direct link. This is the recommended setting for sharing videos with your students.
  • Published: If you have a situation where you need to set very specific access to a video, you can create a channel, and publish a video to that channel. If, for example, you want to share a video with a select group of students, but don’t want any one else to see it, you can use a channel.

Channel Membership Roles

  • Channel Owner: The channel owner is the person who created the channel. Only the owner can delete the channel.
  • Channel Manager: A channel manager can view channel content, add media to the channel, moderate channel content, and manage users.
  • Channel Moderator: A channel moderator can view channel content, add media to the channel, and moderate channel content.
  • Channel Contributor: A channel contributor can view channel content and add media to the channel.
  • Channel Member: A member can view the channel content.

Channel Types

NOTE: Channels cannot be shared as a whole to users who are not channel participants (member, contributor, moderator, manager, or owner). If you want to share a collection of media with someone who is not a channel participant, creating and sharing a playlist is probably a better option.

  • Restricted Channel: Any user who is logged in can see videos, but users must be invited to add videos. The channel is shared to users with a web address (URL), or by inviting them as channel members.
  • Private Channel: A channel setting where content is viewable only to channel participants.

This article was last updated on Nov 12, 2020 @ 4:35 pm.