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The quiz tool is used to administer timed online tests. The Quiz interface has been slightly updated and this is reflected below.

  1. Click on Activities and then Quizzes from your course navigation bar.
  2. Click on the New Quiz button.
  3. Enter a quiz Name in the text box.
  4. Under the Quiz Questions header select the Add/Edit Questions button.
  5. In the new quiz interface, you have two dropdown menus.

    The Add menu is for creating a New Question, Section, or Question Pool. For information on sections and pools, see the Create a Random Set of Quiz Questions tutorial.
    The Import menu lets you Upload a File (such as a quiz bank CSV) or Browse Question Library to import questions. For more information, see The Quiz Question Library tutorial.
  6. Click Add. This example will show steps for a Multiple Choice question.
  7. Enter your question prompt text in the Question Text field. When activated, the text box shows a toolbar with icons for text formatting and the following input options:

    Add Image, Insert Stuff (files, links, Kaltura media, PebblePad, etc.), Graphical Equation.
    Note: selecting the last icon (Open in full screen editor) gives you additional content options, including bullet points, table creation, fonts, formats, text color, and a preview option.
  8. In the Options menu, you can select: Add Feedback, Add Hint, Add Short Description, Add Custom Weights, and Add Enumeration.
  9. By default, new quizzes are created with the quiz set to Hide from Users. While the quiz is set to hidden, students will not be able to see or take the quiz, regardless of the start and end dates set.
  10. For more than four answer options, select Add Answer. When finished, click the circle to the left of the correct answer to create a check mark. A preview is shown in the right panel.
  11. Decide whether to randomize the order in which answer options are shown and enter a point value for the question.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Repeat these steps until you have created all the questions.
  14. To complete the quiz setup, click Back to Settings link at the top of the page.
  15. In the Edit Quiz view, you can select or create a Category of quizzes, set the number of questions that will appear on each page when students take the quiz, prevent students from moving backward in the quiz, and shuffle the order of questions at the quiz-level (this does not affect question sub-sections).
  16. Enter an optional Description and Introduction, and Page Header/Footer to the quiz. You have all text-editing and content insertion options for these fields.
  17. In Optional Advanced Properties you can opt to Allow hints, Disable right click, and Disable (D2L) Email, (D2L) Instant Messages and alerts.
  18. Enter an email if you want to be notified each time the quiz is taken.
  19. Select the Restrictions tab to set a Due Date and optional Start and End Dates. For more information, see the D2L Quiz Restriction Settings tutorial.
  20. Click on the Assessment tab.
  21. Under Automatic Grade, check the box for Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion.
  22. Choose a Grade Item from the dropdown menu. Click the add grade item link if you need to create an item.
  23. Check the box for Allow automatic export to grades.
  24. Under Attempts, choose the number of allowed attempts per student.
  25. Click Save and Close.


This article was last updated on Aug 6, 2021 @ 4:13 pm.