Canvas Basics

The following resources give an overview of the major components in Canvas to help you get your course up and running quickly.

Canvas Technical Tutorials

View the full collection of step-by-step technical instructions for customizing Canvas settings.

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Checklists and Guides

Canvas teaching checklists and guides are helpful to getting prepared for teaching, reviewing what you need to know about Canvas, getting fast resources and teaching strategies to help you launch and teach your course.

Navigating Your New Canvas Course

Using any tool for the first time can be overwhelming. This guide can help focus your attention on what matters most when getting started with…


Canvas Course Checklist

From basic settings to content organization, this course design checklist outlines the top tasks to make sure your Canvas course is ready for…

Canvas Student Support and Syllabus Statement

OAI supports only faculty, but this article provides options for students to get help with Canvas. Syllabus StatementConsider adding this…


End of Term Canvas Grading Checklist

As you near the end of the term, it is a good idea to make sure the Canvas grades accurately reflect your students’ work and that…

Take It Further

Dive into curated resources that help you extend your knowledge of Canvas including templates, tips, and tricks or reach out to connect with an academic professional for specialized support.


Growing with Canvas

Growing with Canvas is a self-paced training course to introduce the main Canvas tools. You can self-enroll through the Canvas learning system.…

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Meet Canvas Commons

Commons is a learning object repository (LOR) that enables educators to find, import, and share learning resources in their Canvas courses. Commons…

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