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This is a repository for storing questions you can reuse or draw from to randomize questions in a quiz. Consolidating questions within Question Library enables you to transfer questions to new courses using Import/Export/Copy Course Components. You can also import questions from a CSV file or a learning object repository. You can create questions in the Library and then import them into a quiz. You can also import questions from existing quizzes into your Library.

When you import questions from Question Library into a quiz, you create a duplicate version of the questions. One version of the questions resides in the quiz and the original version resides in Question Library. For example, if you import a question from the Library into a quiz and later delete it from that quiz, it will still be in your Library. They are not entirely independent, however: if you want to delete a question from the Library, you must delete it from any quiz in that course where it’s been added.

Important: when copying a quiz with associations to the Question Library to a new course, you should also copy the Question Library.

Import quiz questions into the Question Library

  1. Navigate to Activities > Quizzes and select the Question Library Tab.
  2. To group questions by course or topic, select New > Section. Name the section and select Save.
  3. Select Import and click Browse Existing Questions. In the upper right corner, open the Source menu and select the name of the quiz you will import questions from.
  4. Check the box for each question you want to move into the Library.
  5. Click Import.

Import questions from the Question Library into a quiz

  1. Navigate to Activities > Quizzes and select Edit for the quiz you will import questions to.
  2. For a new quiz, open the Import menu and select Browse Question Library.
  3. For an existing quiz, select Add/Edit Questions.
  4. Select Import and then Browse Question Library.
  5. Check the box for each question or section you want to import, and click Import.
  6. Save the quiz.

Watch a video on the benefits of the Question Library.

Watch a video on adding questions from other courses to the Question Library.

This article was last updated on Aug 6, 2021 @ 4:10 pm.