The Manage Files tool is the file management system for your D2L course. From this area, the files in your course can be organized, renamed, or deleted. You can also upload or create additional course files here, and add them to a Content module.

To open the Manage Files tool, open your course and select the Course Admin button from the top navigation bar.

D2L Course Administration page with the Manage Files link highlighted.
D2L Manage Files tool with toolbars and file context menu highlighted.

In the top toolbar you can create a new file or folder, paste a copied file, or upload a new one.  In the secondary bar there are icons you select to cut, paste, delete, download, compress (zip) a folder, or create new content pages.

Each file also has a context menu, which you open with the small “down” carat after the filename. This has options to rename, copy, cut, delete, download, or add the file to a Content module.

If you create a new folder to organize files, be aware that moving existing course files into this folder will break any course links to that file. After moving, you need to navigate to that course link and re-link it to the relocated file.

To move existing files into a new folder, you select the file’s context menu and select Cut. Then select the folder’s context menu and select Paste Here.