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Once you have a discussion Topic set up, you can link it to a Grade Item in the Grades area.
Note: you must create a separate Grade Item for each Topic, not each Forum. If you want to simplify your gradebook by having only one Grade Item column for each Forum or for discussion participation overall, a summary grade must be added up and entered manually.
See Grade a Topic Without a Grade Item below.

Create a Grade Item in the Grade Book

  1. Click on Grades and then Grades from the navigation bar in your course.
  2. Click the New button, and then choose Item from the list.
  3. Choose grade item type Numeric by clicking on the blue link.
  4. Enter a Name in the textbox.
  5. Enter the Maximum Points value in the Grading section.
  6. Click the Save and Close button to exit.

Link a Discussion Topic to Grade Item

Now that you have a grade item created, you can link it to a discussion topic.

  1. Click on Activities and then Discussions from the navigation bar.
  2. Find your discussion topic in the list, and click the drop down menu to the right of the title.
  3. Click Edit Topic from the list.
  4. Click on the Assessment tab at the top of the page.
  5. Choose the Grade Item you made for this topic from the drop down menu.
  6. Enter a point value in the Score Out Of field. Important: This point value must match the point value you entered for the grade item in step 5 in the section above. Any discrepancy will cause grading errors.
  7. Click Save and Close  to exit.

Once you have completed these steps, grades entered for this discussion Topic will automatically transfer to the linked Grade Item in the Grades area.

Grade a Topic Without a Grade Item

You can now enter a grade for students to see even if you aren’t using the D2L Grades tool. This makes Discussions consistent with the Quiz and Assignment tools, where you can enter grades and feedback without setting up a D2L gradebook.

To do this, follow the instructions above to Link a Discussion Topic to Grade Item through step 4.

  1. In the Assessment tab for your Topic, ignore the Grade Item menu. Instead, enter a number in the Score Out Of field.
  2. Add a rubric if needed and click Save.
  3. After a student has posted a Thread in this Topic, grade it by opening the Topic menu (the down-arrow after the name) and select Assess Topic.
  4. You’ll now see a list of student names with a blue Topic Score link beneath it.
  5. When you click the Topic Score link you’ll get a pop-up window where you can enter a numeric score in the upper right corner and feedback in the field indicated.
  6. Click the Publish button in the lower left corner of this window. When students revisit that Topic they’ll see your feedback and score just above the Thread they posted.

Note: Topic scores not linked to a Grade Item are not transferred or totaled anywhere in D2L, they are viewed only in the Topic itself.


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