Pre-Term D2L Checklist

You may need to search for and pin your class for future terms to your D2L homepage, as new courses are not displayed automatically.

Log in to D2L and Pin Your Classes to Homepage

If you’re using D2L, it’s simple to copy your course content and settings from a previous term into a new term. You can then make any necessary updates in the course for the new term, without affecting the prior term’s course settings.

Copy Materials from Another D2L Course

Then you can make updates to your course. In addition to updating due dates, you might make small or significant updates to content, discussions, quizzes, assignments, or even grades.

Set Up Content for Your Course

Set Up a Discussion Area for Your Entire Class

Create a New Multiple Choice Quiz

Don’t forget to activate your course at the start of the term. Students won’t be able to get into your D2L course site if you haven’t activated it!

Activate Your Course

Prep Your Zoom Tech

Zoom, like most applications, runs best when you’re using the most up-to-date version.

Make sure your Zoom application is up to date.

If you use the Chrome or Firefox browser plugin to schedule Zoom meetings through Google calendar, make sure your plugin is up to date.

You can reinstall the newest version for Chrome or Firefox.

If you’ve never used your Media Space account, be sure to log in at least once. This allows automatic copies of your Zoom meetings to be stored there.

Log In to Media Space.

If you’re holding scheduled Zoom meetings with your class, you may want to set them up through the Zoom D2L Integration. This will create Zoom meeting links for your course that students can access directly in D2L.

Get Started with Zoom via D2L

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