Top Takeaways:

  • PSU has a long history with community-based learning.
  • Community-based learning is an active learning pedagogy.
  • When planning community-based learning in your class, planning with your community partner(s) is essential.


Planning with a community partner takes time. Please allow for at least one term in advance, more if you are incorporating substantial curricular revisions.

For over 20 years, PSU has held the motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City” and has prioritized engaging with our community in teaching, learning, and research.

Community-based learning (CBL) involves educating students in an academic discipline while also preparing them to be contributing citizens. By becoming involved in community activities, students benefit others while benefiting themselves, learning about teamwork, civic responsibility, and the application of intellectual skills to community issues. Community-based learning options in classes engage students in performing service as a way to gather, test, and apply content and skills from existing courses. Students perform a designated amount of service, and their learning from that experience is evaluated as part of the course.

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