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These settings let you set the due date and time allowed for your quiz. They’re located in the Restrictions tab of the Edit Quiz view: navigate to Activities > Quizzes, open the quiz context menu (down-arrow after the name) and select Edit. Then select the Restrictions tab.

Restrictions tab

Hide from Users: by default, new quizzes are created with this setting. While the quiz is hidden, students will not be able to see or take the quiz, regardless of the start and end dates set.

Has Due Date: after this date and time any submissions will be flagged with a “late” timestamp. This is also the date entered in the Calendar.

Has Start Date: this is the date and time the quiz will become visible to students if Hide from Users is not selected. Once you add a start date, you can un-hide the quiz. Students will see the basic quiz information, but will not be able to take the quiz or see questions until after the start date/time.

Has End Date: Once this has past students will no longer be able to start the quiz. Important: students who start the quiz even one minute before cutoff time will still have the full time allowed for the quiz as configured in the Timing option. This means that if you want students to complete the quiz between 10-11am with 45 minutes to complete it, your start time would be 10am and your end time would be 10:15am. After the end date/time the quiz will still be visible to students so they can see their results as per the Submission View.

Display in Calendar: select this to add the quiz due date to the Calendar tool.

Release Conditions: you can make quiz availability contingent on student completion of other D2L Events.

Optional Advanced Restrictions: these allow you to password-protect quiz access and restrict access to a defined IP address range (e.g. a computer lab).

Timing: this lets you set a time limit for the quiz.

Recommend Time Limit lets students submit a late quiz, flagged with a “late” timestamp.

Enforced Time Limit this still lets students submit a late quiz, but they’re prevented from answering or revising questions after the quiz time-limit has expired (not the quiz end date/time — see “Has End Date” above for clarification). You can also set a Grace Period with completion options.

Special Access: this lets you add specific students who need additional time or multiple attempts. Do not select “Allow only users with special access to see this quiz” — this prevents students from taking the quiz unless you give them special access.

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