Upload Video or Other Media to Channel

Use these instructions to upload a video, audio file or image directly to a channel. For private materials that you don’t want to publish, upload to My Media.

  1. Click on your name > My Channels from the upper right corner.
  2. Click on a channel.
  3. Click the + Add Media button.
  4. Click Add New > Media Upload.
  5. Check the box to agree to terms and conditions for PSU’s copyright policy.
  6. Click the + Choose a file to upload button.
  7. Find your video and click add or open.
  8. Once the upload completes, enter a Name for the media.
  9. Enter a brief Description as needed.
  10. Enter Tags.
    • Tags are not required, but can make searching for your media easier.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click Go To Media, and make sure everything looks ok.