Create an Individual Assignment Submission Folder (Dropbox)

The Assignments tool is used to collect digital files from your students. Individual assignment submissions are visible only to instructors and TAs in the course, not to other students.

NOTE: As of the Summer 2017 D2L update, the Dropbox tool is now called Assignments. The functionality is the same; it’s just an update to the name.

  1. Click on Activities from the course navigation bar, and select Assignments from the list.
  2. Click on the New Assignment button.
    New Assignment Button
  3. Enter a Name for the assignment in the text box.
  4. Choose the Individual submission folder option from the Folder Type options.
  5. If you want to set date restrictions for when students can submit files, click on the Restrictions tab at the top of the page. Otherwise, skip to step 8.
  6. You can use the Has Due Date checkbox and date fields to set a due date for the assignment. This means that students can submit both before and after the due date, but late submissions are flagged.
  7. If you want to restrict the time period where students can submit assignments, use the Has Start Date and/or Has End Date checkboxes and date fields.
  8. Click the Save and Close button to finish.